1.Training programs:
    Training programs are organized for students, social workers, rehabilitation workers, businessman, self employed professionals , officers and executes , medical practioners, and common man. The objective of the training program is make them aware of their respective field realities , thereby to inculcate behavior modification and soft skills development. Training program gives opportunity to develop healthy psychological behavior.

Types of training programs
1. Assertive training program ( 3 months, 2hrs/week)
2. Anger management (3 months, 3hrs/ wk)
3. Parenting skills.(2 months-4 hrs/week)
4. Sex education.( 2 months,2 hrs/wk)
5. Communication skills (All skills. 1 year,2hr/wk)
a. Listing skills
b. Expression skills
c. Body language skills.
d. Stress management skills.
e. Family communication.
f. Verbal language.
g. Public speaking
h. Interviewing skills.
i. Squall skills.
j. Couple skills.
6. Educational skills (1 month, 3hr/wk)
a. Study skills.
b. Teaching skills.

2. Workshops:
   Workshops are conducted for shorter duration of 2/3 day 6 hrs per day.
Following are few examples.
1. Sex education (“before proposing”).
(Our body-mind-health) (Sexuality Problems).
2. Communication skills.
3. Gender equality
4. Personality development.
5. Orientation to REBT/CBT.
6. Assertiveness.
7. 'I want to be rich'

3. Counseling center:
“We are here to help you”.
   Families, friends, employees, employers, spouse, children, professionals & every individual of all ages who seek help for psychological counseling to solve her/his behavioral problem, The services are provided by highly trained psychologist with compassion & understanding.
Counseling is provided reg following causes and issues.
Anxiety grief & loss
Depression parent/child conflicts
Phobia Relationship issues
Anger sex & sexual problems.
Stress addiction
Post traumatic disorders.
To schedule your 1st appointment contact 07385580656.
o Therapies available or used in counseling are-
o Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).
o Relational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT).
o Couples Therapy.
o Mood Therapy.
o Family Therapy.
o Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).