You can help such children by donating small amount per year you can donate 5000 per year/per child. This will help child to complete basic education & ultimatly help family to come out of poverty ignorance.

1. From your donation your sponsor child will be given –school uniform, text note books, school bags, compass, pencils, pens, etc other necessary material at the beginning of the year.
2. Every month they will be given material aid in kind/ cash as per the need. This includes school stationary kit, hygienic kit, washing bathing soap, toothpaste, sanitary pad for girls, bus pass etc.
3. Counseling and guidance get provided to child & family in every month visit to the Aakar office.
4. In a year 10 workshops , camps, training , are arranged for children.
5. Many other supporting services are given to family members.
E.g.- Employment referred , medical referred with free or less cost.
Thus your donation will help to support needy child’s education, build up a family provide opportunity to them which is denied. In turn you will definitely get satisfaction of making a family.
“Become a sponsor help a seed to blossom in to flower”
Please to consent letter of sponsor/ please click here to get donation details.