Aakar foundation came in to existence in Sangli 2001 to offer services to individuals and society regarding mental health. It also aims working against misconception about mental illness and exploitation through pseudo science. One of the major object is psychiatric rehabilitation services to mentally ill persons.

Aakar foundation also provide basic education and other related services to children and families in need irrespective of their creed, religion, color & community. Aakar foundation is a non political, nonprofit making organization registered under.

1. The Bombay public trust Act 1950
2. The Societies registration Act…

Aakar foundation aims to provide

1. Training programs in the areas of mental health.
2. Progressive/ preventive and creative services to individual in need of psychological help.
3. Training programs in the area of soft skills & psychological management of individual ex. assertive training, anger management etc.
4. Workshops in schools, colleges, social groups & companies on behavior and modifications.
5. It aims to protect child’s right to education and reduce child marriages, Child labor & juvenile delinquency
6. Research in field of psychology & behavior.

Vision – To create rational mind in rational society.

Future projects.

1. Day one centre for mentally ill persons
2. Research in Behavioral sciences