To whom we serve
  1. To Individuals, To those who are seeking psychotherapy and counseling for Depression, Phobia, Anxiety Disorders, OCD, and Other Mental Disorders.
  2. Help individuals for following Psychometric test
    1. Differtial Aptitude test
    2. IQ test
    3. DQ test
    4. Depression test
    5. Study habits test
    6. All other Psychometric Tests
  3. Children for education - from 7th to 12th std, for completing basic education who belongs to marginalized communities and single parent families. Their mothers are uneducated, daily wage workers & single. They are unable to provide guidance. Hence children can be exposed to early marriages, child labor & delinquency.
  4. To the Society, Groups, Organisations by arranging Lectures, Workshops, Training Programmes,