Psychological tests:

We provide services for individuals of all ages & professionals seeking psychological assessments , evaluation & recommendations. Our staff utilize their extensive experience according to the particular needs of the individual.
Tests available are as follows:

  1. Intelligence Quotient test (IQ test)
  2. Aptitude Test.
  3. Assessment for ADHD
  4. Diagnostic assessment of emotional & personality functioning.
  5. Vocational & corporate assessment.
  6. Type A/B behavior pattern scale.
  7. Mental health battery.
  8. Mini mental state examination.
  9. Sex behavioral attitude inventory.
  10. Developmental Quotient.


  1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy -1 year
  2. Rational Behavioral Therapy -1year
  3. Psychotherapy and counseling – 1 year

More Details on test or To schedule your test appointment, contact : 07385580656.