Training programs:

Training programs are organized for students, social workers, rehabilitation workers, businessman, self employed professionals , officers and executes , medical practioners, and common man. The objective of the training program is make them aware of their respective field realities , thereby to inculcate behavior modification and soft skills development. Training program gives opportunity to develop healthy psychological behavior.

Types of training programs
  1. Assertive Training Program ( 3 months, 2hrs/week)
  2. Anger Management (3 months, 3hrs/ wk)
  3. Anger Management (3 months, 3hrs/ wk)
  4. Sex Education.( 2 months,2 hrs/wk)
  5. Communication Skills (All skills. 1 year,2hr/wk)
    1. Listening skills
    2. Expression skills
    3. Body language skills
    4. Stress management skills.
    5. Family communication.
    6. Verbal language.
    7. Public speaking
    8. Interviewing skills.
    9. Couple skills.
  6. Educational skills (1 month, 3hr/wk)
    1. Study skills.
    2. Teaching skills.