Aakar Foundation

We are public charitable organization working for the cause of mental health awareness and mental health improvement.

Aakar Foundation (आकार फौंडेशन) is Working in the field of Psychology, Neuropsychology, Behavioral Sciences, Social psychology and Social problems. Aakar foundation is a registered public charitable organization working for the cause of mental health awareness in the society. It also provides infrastructure and services for improvement of personal and social mental health, as well therapeutic counseling and Training Programmes through its Counseling Center & Training Center. It also organizes awareness programs in the society to educate people regarding psychology and behavioral sciences. The foundation works in the rural part of Maharashtra, India.

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Aakar Foundation's three main objects are – Service, Awareness & Research regarding Mental health & Behavioral Sciences.

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Aakar Foundation provides following services.

We have Psychotherapy & Counselling Centre since 2001. We have team of Psychologists & Doctors who give Services of Psychotherapy, Training & Counselling.

We are providing Child, Premarital, Adolescent, Marital, Vocational, Educational, Professional, Personal & Sex, Counselling Services since 2001.

We have well established Psychological Test Centre. All Psychological tests are performed.

Our Psychotherapy Centre is providing excellent Service. We provide CBT, REBT, Behavioral Therapy, Assertiveness Training, Anger Management, Communication Skills Training.

We Conduct workshops & Lectures on following Subjects.

  1. Parenting
  2. Communication Skills Training Programme
  3. Assertiveness Training
  4. Sex-Psychology, Sexuality Education
  5. Family & marriage.
  6. Psychotherapy – Current Perspective.
  7. Why we go for Counselling?
  8. Myths & facts of mental health.
  9. Neurobiological basis of behaviour.
  10. Social aspect of mental health.
  11. Anger Management

We conduct Stage shows & demonstrations regarding Mental health.

We conduct Street plays regarding mental health.

We educate people through Camps.

We expose myths, frauds & misconception regarding mental health.


  1. We have conducted mental health workshops in many areas of Maharashtra.
  2. Sangli Police Workshops on – Stress Management, what is mind & how it works.
  3. Psychotherapy & Counselling workshop at Beed College.
  4. Sex education workshop at Rajmata Ded College in Sangli, Maharashtra.
  5. Exposing hypnotist who claims that he can cure Diabetes, epilepsy and many other diseases by hypnotism.
  6. Performing Demos of Psychotherapy & Counselling.
  7. The Education  Sponsorship program: The object of providing basic education to children from marginalized and weaker section of the society. 

    Concept note for education sponsorship project.

    Sangli is situated in Western Maharashtra covering the population of 12 lakhs approximately. Sangli Miraj kupwad is a newly formed corporation. The corporation has radius of 25 km includes few nearby villages, It is developing city based on agriculture & agriculture related industries & Sugar cooperatives.

    The city corporation has appro. 165 schools & government aided education institute run Marathi medium schools. Few international schools have started their branches in the city zone. These schools are for higher economic strata of the society. Most of the children from lower economic strata tend to go to municipal corporation school or government aided Marathi medium school. Where they have no education fees or nominal fees.

    In these school it is observed that school dropout rate is very high after 7th & 9th std. This is mostly high among the girls & in some cases in boys also..These families are mostly from marginalized section of society , single parent families, some are totally orphan children living with their relatives.  (grand parents , Aunt, Uncle) Few children have HIV positive parents. or few are HIV positive children .

    These families  find difficult to provide for children's basic needs & spending for education is a luxury to them. They prefer to select the option of marriage for girls & early employment for boys. Sometimes single mothers find difficult to face social & economical problems. Though they have strong motivation for children's education they cannot provide for the same. They may institutionalized children in government homes. These families are in need of economical, social & emotional support.

    If small support is given to them they will be able to handle the situation in better way.

    If support in form of educational help is given to them children can complete their basic education up till 12th . it will be helpful for children's career development & self sufficiency.  At the same time child marriages, child labor, delinquency & institutionalizing children can be prevented. The school dropout rate will be less. Children will get opportunity to complete the basic education up to 12th standard.

    This can be achieved through educational sponsorship program, Education sponsorship program aims to support & address children's educational, emotional, economical, social & family needs so that,

    a. The school dropout rate will be reduced.

    b. To prevent child marriage, child labor, delinquency.

    c. To help children to complete their education.

    d. To provide counseling services to children, emotional support so that they can develop up to maximum capacities. The children to have tension free environment.

    e. To Strengthen the family by providing counseling & referral services to parents. 

    d. To help children to understand their potential & support to develop their personality through skill training.

    Methodology  -

    One child One sponsor. ( The sponsor will get 6 monthly progress report of the sponsored child )

    Sponsor will give specific amount every year as their contribution for the specific child.( This does not includes over head cost & administrative cost. )

    In the month of May - Identification of needy & deserving students with the help of schools.

    - Asses the need & situation through interview & home visit.

    -To distribute the help in form of kind & cash in June as per the case & situation, ( Uniforms, school bags, Note books, books, Campos box, pens etc )   

    - The students will come to give follow up & take help as per their need every month. They will speak to case worker & counseling will be done according to the needs.

    - The Social worker will do the home visit once in six months to assess the progress & situation. The social worker will send 6 monthly progress report to sponsor.

    -The case worker will try to make the family environment conducive for child development . She can act as a catalytic agent of change in family & help all members to achieve their goals.

    - A case worker will maintain a separate file for students & record the details per month. .Assessment of progress will be done in 6 months.

    - Activities & programs for students will  be arranged once in a two months for the personality development.

    - A yearly report will be prepared for donors & sponsors.

Books and Publications

Aakar Foundations has published following books in marathi langauge so far.

All books are available.

Dok Kas Chalat?

means, How brain works? Written by Dr.Pradeep Patil (3rd edition)


means, personality disorder. Written by Dr.Pradeep Patil.

Prem Mhanje Kay?

means, What is Love?. Written by Dr. Pradeep Patil.

Tee Ashi Ka Wagate?

means, Why she behaves this way? Written by Dr. Pradeep Patil.

Prashn Tumche Uttare Aamchya Doctoranchi

is booklet on Sex education.

Rang Balmanache

Book on Childrens problems and Parenting


More than 100 articles are published regarding mental health in Maharashtra times, Loksatta, Sakal, Pudhari & Various magazines.

About Us

Aakar foundation was set up in 2001. Psychological services and awareness programme regarding mental health have been rendered through this foundation since its establishment.

Present activities of the Institute are as the following:
  • We are providing infrastructure & services for the improvement of personal & social mental health to cure personal & social psychological ailments.
  • We are providing infrastructure & services to remove misconceptions, misbeliefs & myth about social & or religious customs with.respect to mental health & psychology.
  • We also provide infrastructure & services to educate, to create awareness about all areas in psychology & or behavioral sciences.
  • We have undertaken various community development projects.
  • We provide all types of facilities & infrastructure for counseling & psychotherapy i.e. personal, marital, educational, vocational, career, adolescent, sex, child, clinical, industrial, social & family counseling & related areas / fields thereto.
  • We conduct intensive training programmes / courses on above subjects & will issue certificates thereto.
  • We conduct workshops in psychotherapy, counseling, guidance.
  • We conduct intensive training programmes & courses to promote & develop social mental health educator.
  • We conduct research programmes in psychology, psychoneurology & behavioral sciences.
  • We conduct mental health awareness programmes to educate the people & the society at large, by means of lectures, demonstrations etc.
  • We publish various types of books, articles, literature etc. regarding mental health and shall produce & exhibit C.Ds., DVDs., cassettes, films, stage shows etc.
  • We conduct various programmes & provide literature to propagate rational thoughts & work on irrational beliefs & customs about mental health.
  • We provide all types of infrastructure facilities & provisions for conducting psychological tests & for laboratory.
  • We carry on the activities of providing medical services.

Our Team

Executive Body Members

Dr. Pradip Patil


Dr. Santosh Akkole

Vice President

Ujjwala Paranjape

Vice President

Dr. Ramesh Karande

Executive Member

Balasaheb Patil


Ganesh Kambale



Jyoti Adate

DR. Rohini Tukdev

Dr. Vandana Dandekar

Manisha Sabnis

Contact Us

Aakar Foundation,
‘charvak’, 260/1-6, old kupwad road, opp. Hotel Lovely, Sangli, 416416. Maharashtra State,
Cell No : +91 9890014466, +91 7385580656

e-mail : aakarfoundation@gmail.com and aakaredusp@gmail.com

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