How you can help?
  1. Arrange Workshops, Training Programmes about different psychological activities in school/college/social groups/corporate offices/ From workers to top management.

  2. Aakar Psychotherapy and Counseling centre.

  3. Be a Sponsor for an education sponsoring program.

  4. Be a Volunteer to sponsorship program or Day care center for mentally ill persons. Volunteers who generously give their time and talents in Variety of roles & services are welcome.

  5. Attend Aakar training program for individual Behavior Modification e.g. Assertive Training, Anger management, Personality development ,Soft skills development.

  6. Donate generously for the cause in the form of kind & Cash.

  7. Attend or sponsor an upcoming event, visit our event calendar to know about upcoming opportunity help by attending or sponsoring an event.