Till 2016 Aakar’s main programs were services, awareness & research regarding mental health & behavioral science. The foundation decided to step up in direct community based project work through education sponsorship project. This came from many years of working with communities for mental health. Still children from marginalized communities & weaker section of society are deprived of basic education Hence Aakar set up education sponsorship program for students from 7th Std to 12th std. mainly for single parent families or for families where one spouse is incapacitated. The family needs support to complete children’s basic education.
It was observed that child marriages are still common in the rural part resulting in to high school dropout rate in girls. At the same time they have to work as a child labors to manage two ends meet. Hence sponsorship program aim.
1. To reduce school dropout rate among children.
2. To prevent child marriage, child labor & juvenile delinquency
3. To help child to compete basic education.
4. To provide counseling services to children, emotional support, so that they can grow to maximum capacity.
5. To help children to understand their personalities through different soft skills.

“You can make a difference in this situation to the child ”.

6. Psychological tests:
We provide services for individuals of all ages & professionals seeking psychological assessments , evolution & recommendations. Our staff utilize their extensive experience according to particular need of individual
Tests available are as follows:
Intelligence Quotient test (IQ test)
1. Aptitude Test.
2. Assessment for ADHD
3. Diagnostic assessment of emotional & personality functioning.
4. Vocational & corporate assessment.
5. Type A/B behavioral pattern scale.
6. Mental health battery.
7. Mini mental state examination.
8. Sex behavioral attitude inventory.
9. Developmental Quotient.

1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy -1 year
2. Rational Behavioral Therapy -1year
3. Psychotherapy counseling – 1 year
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7. Lectures:
Aakar expertise gives lectures on various testimonials subjects reg mental health & social problems. Available Lectures are-
1. What is mind
2. Mind and body.
3. Psychological disorders
4. Educational & my problem
5. Sexuality
6. Before proposing her/him
7. School & college problem
8. Professional impairments.
9. Sport psychology
10. Parenting
11. Women & crime
12. Child psychology (various subject)
various subjects according to the need of the organization.